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Yuyan Refrigeration has extensive experience and professional technicians involved in the design, construction, installation and services to ensure the quality of all cold storage projects we supply. We also supply a full range of services to our customers with the supply of energy saving insulation systems, including design, construction, production and maintenance services for each cold storage project.

Pre-Sales Service
1. The quotation and budget estimate for the cold storage projects are provided free of charge. Both are determined according to the following list, as provided by the customer:
A. Final usage of the cold storage project
B. External dimensions of the cold storage project, including the length, width and height
C. Inner refrigeration temperature
D. What kind of materials will be stored inside the storage unit
E. Temperature of products stored inside the storage unit

2. Design and CAD drawings are also provided free of charge.
3. On site measurements done by our engineer are provided at an additional cost.

After-Sales Service
1. The warranty period for the refrigeration equipment is 12 months after the installation and commissioning. Replacements needed due to quality problems are offered free of charge during the warranty period.
2. We will provide technical guidance for installation as well as commissioning services free of charge.
3. We offer a fixed price of wearing parts, even outside of the warranty period, as well as assistance in overhaul units.
4. Training users is done by two of our technical staff at our factory with no training fees. However, the customer is responsible for the cost of food, accommodation and transportation.
5. We provide lifetime maintenance for the refrigeration equipment.

Additional Services
1. If needed, an engineer will come to the customer's location for commissioning and training on using the refrigeration equipment, allowing operators to eventually independently use the equipment.
2. After sales service staff will provide consistent services, no matter how often or how little it is needed, supplemented by occasional contacts to touch base about how smoothly equipment is operating in order to ensure long term, quality operation.
3. We also provide professional and technical equipment support advice at any time for the customer.

Service Security System
Yuyan Refrigeration is a customer first enterprise, and studies professional skills in order to keep up with market trends and meet customer needs. We continuously improve our after-sales services, and do everything possible to ease customer concerns while still ensuring all equipment runs smoothly. We also use the latest technology simultaneously with our excellent after sales services in order to produce more refrigeration technology at the quality levels our customers expect.

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