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    1. PPGI Steel Sheet Cold Storage Panel Polyurethane is widely used as an excellent insulation core material in cold storage panels, especially when matched with PPGI steel sheets as an external material. The sandwich panel reduces heating conductivity due to the difference between the internal and external temperatures in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the freezing or refrigeration system. The panels feature a scientific design, and a simple, practical appearance.
    1. 304 SS Cold Storage Panel Using polyurethane is an excellent choice for insulation performance needs in core materials, especially when paired with 304 stainless steel sheets as the external material. The sandwich type panel can reduce heating conduction caused by the differences between internal and external temperatures, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in freezing and refrigeration systems.
    1. Embossed Aluminum Stucco Cold Storage Panel Using polyurethane as the core material, these panels feature an excellent insulation performance, strengthen by the embossed aluminum stucco steel sheets used as the external material. This cold storage panel can reduce heat conduction due to the differences between the internal and external temperatures, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the freezing and refrigeration system.
    1. Slab Cold Storage Panel The slab cold storage panel is most often used as the floor for cold storage facilities, and use polyurethane as the core material. This gives the floor its excellent insulation performance, as well as added protection in the form of kraft paper on both surfaces. It is easy to lay concrete on top of the panel in order to improve the loading capacity of the cold storage facility, as well as make forklift maneuverability inside the storage area easy.
    1. Semi-Sunk Swing Door A semi-sunk swing door is a door half embedded in the cold storage unit's door frame. It is primarily used in smaller cold storage facilities, due to the restrictions of hinges, handles and other components. A maximum width of 1.2 meters is highly suggested.
    1. Full-Sunk Swing Door The full sunk swing door is fully embedded in the door frame for a better sealing, space saving and easy to use performance. Because of the various accessories, including hinges and handles, this door is mostly used in smaller cold storage facilities, generally in a maximum space of 1.2m.
    1. Manual Sliding Door The manual sliding door is made of an aluminum alloy frame, and the size can be customized according to customer requirements. Door options also include single leaf or double leaf in a maximum width of 3 meters. The thickness is also a customizable feature, with thickness measurements reaching up to 150mm in order to increase the sealing performance. This product fits most 304 stainless steel cold storage units, and has a long service life.
    1. Electric Sliding Door The electric sliding door is based primarily on the same structure as the manual sliding door, with the addition of an electronic control system for a single phase power output, and motor control box with a heating system in order to ensure normal operations at low temperatures. When the doors are over 3m wide, we can design a double opening electric door.
    1. Electric Lift Door The electric lift door features polyurethane as the core material, and can be made of colored steel, stainless steel, galvanized steel or aluminum. These doors feature an excellent sealing effect, outstanding insulation properties and a long service life. The door also features a safety device to prevent people from being locked into the cold storage unit, making it safe and practical.
    1. Swing Door The swing door is equipped with collision resistant rubber, and as it does not seal tight, it is easy to open with minimal effort, offering convenient access to products inside the storage area. The hinges are made of 304 stainless steel, which ensures a longer service life and less need for maintenance.
    1. Pivot Swing Door The pivot swing door can be made from either 304 stainless steel or PPGI steel sheets on the door leaf and an aluminum alloy frame. The shaft reaches up to 3mm thick, and features a sloping bottom design to increase the strength of the hermetic seal. The door width is generally up to 2 meters, making it suitable for medium sized refrigeration doors.
    1. Condensing Unit The compressor is the heart of the condensing unit, and generally supplied by Bitzer, Emerson, Danfoss and other internationally known brands known for their high quality. This ensures the highly efficient refrigeration capacity and lower energy consumption.
    1. Cool Room Evaporator The cool room evaporator/air cooler is a type of cooling equipment used in cold storage facilities for water defrosting or electrical defrosting system requirements.
    1. Refrigeration Spare Parts Refrigeration spare parts consist of the main components of the refrigeration system, and are used to connect the condensing unit to the evaporator. High quality spare parts ensure normal working procedures and a long service life for the condensing unit and evaporator.
    1. The control system for the cold storage unit is a combination of high tech transformation and automation management. Through the smart use of equipment, improving equipment utilization and service life, the cooling system's operation and the operation of automated management measurements are both improved. This leads to a safer operation, more energy conservation, lower production costs, and improvement of the cold storage or frozen storage product's quality.