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About Us
Changzhou Yuyan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Yuyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading cold storage plant, an overall energy efficiency solutions provider and one of the largest energy-saving manufacturers of cold storage panel.

More Information
We are an ISO9001 and ISO14001:2004 certified company, demonstrating not only our quality, but also our dedication to environmentally friendly production facility for cold storage panels. We have extensive experience, backed by a team of experts for the design, construction, installation and service of all cold storage project needs, at the highest possible levels of quality. We also provide a full range of top notch services for our customers and their needs for energy saving insulation systems for each cold storage project.

After nearly 20 years of development, Changzhou Yuyan, under both brand names, has a current annual capacity for cold storage panels reaching up to 50,000 square meters, and 5,000 sets of different cold storage door types. These products are used in a wide array of different industries, including aquaculture, livestock, biomedicine, chemicals, food processing and more. As a trusted supplier, we have worked with customers from all over the world, including here at home in China, as well as the United States, Singapore, Peru, Australia, Ghana and more. We take pride in our honesty, as well as the quality of our products and services. This has led to our establishment of close and trusted partnerships with both domestic and international customers, benefitting each other through successful business.

  • Type of Certificate: ISO9001:2008
    Name of Certificate: Quality Management System Certification Certificate

  • Type of Certificate: BS OHSAS Certificate
    Name of Certificate: Occupational Health Safety Management System Certification Certificate