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Electric Control System

Control System / Cold Storage Control System / Electric Controller Box

 Electric Control System

The control system for the cold storage unit is a combination of high tech transformation and automation management. Through the smart use of equipment, improving equipment utilization and service life, the cooling system's operation and the operation of automated management measurements are both improved. This leads to a safer operation, more energy conservation, lower production costs, and improvement of the cold storage or frozen storage product's quality.

1. The electric control system will automatically stop/start the refrigeration equipment based on actual environment needs, thus saving energy.
2. The electric control system ensures safe operation of the refrigeration equipment for the entire cold storage project.
3. On-demand automatic defrosting processes save about 10% of energy according to the evaporation temperature and start/stop defrost processes.
4. The system can set appropriate control accuracies and an additional overrun control as different warehouses, stock items, and storage periods all have different storage temperatures. This makes the control accuracy requirements important, and easy to switch between.
5. Users can set the run time with a control switch in order to save on power costs.

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