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Manual Sliding Door

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 Manual Sliding Door

The manual sliding door is made of an aluminum alloy frame, and the size can be customized according to customer requirements. Door options also include single leaf or double leaf in a maximum width of 3 meters. The thickness is also a customizable feature, with thickness measurements reaching up to 150mm in order to increase the sealing performance. This product fits most 304 stainless steel cold storage units, and has a long service life.

1. The upper and lower rails are made of sturdy, corrosion resistant aluminum alloy, and an aluminum alloy door frame profile + plastic cold bridge in order to shield the cold source and keep cold inside.
2. This door opens and closes on a rolling track system, and once closed, gravity keeps it sealed tight. The seal is made of EPDM materials, is chemically stable, and resistant to aging.
3. The sliding door features high strength, dual bearing nylon rollers for a smooth sliding performance. The door structure is durable, features an aesthetically pleasing exterior and an outstanding performance, making it ideal for a variety of cold storage needs.
4. Customers can choose a longer door handle in order to make the door easier to open.

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