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Cold Storage Panel

Cold storage panels are also known as polyurethane insulated sandwich panels, and are fit for storage projects that require a cold environment. Polyurethane insulated sandwich panels are made with upper and lower layers of pre-painted galvanized steel sheets or stainless steel sheets, with an inner layer of polyurethane foam. This is all carried out through a heating, pressure and formation process of the foam sandwich panels. The metal top layer is often a colored stencil plate, with a smooth surface and outstanding performance. These panels are known for their corrosion, rust and weathering resistance.

    1. PPGI Steel Sheet Cold Storage PanelPolyurethane is widely used as an excellent insulation core material in cold storage panels, especially when matched with PPGI steel sheets as an external material. The sandwich panel reduces heating conductivity due to the difference between the internal and external temperatures in order to achieve maximum efficiency in the freezing or refrigeration system. The panels feature a scientific design, and a simple, practical appearance.
    1. 304 SS Cold Storage PanelUsing polyurethane is an excellent choice for insulation performance needs in core materials, especially when paired with 304 stainless steel sheets as the external material. The sandwich type panel can reduce heating conduction caused by the differences between internal and external temperatures, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency in freezing and refrigeration systems.
    1. Embossed Aluminum Stucco Cold Storage PanelUsing polyurethane as the core material, these panels feature an excellent insulation performance, strengthen by the embossed aluminum stucco steel sheets used as the external material. This cold storage panel can reduce heat conduction due to the differences between the internal and external temperatures, in order to achieve the maximum efficiency of the freezing and refrigeration system.
    1. Slab Cold Storage PanelThe slab cold storage panel is most often used as the floor for cold storage facilities, and use polyurethane as the core material. This gives the floor its excellent insulation performance, as well as added protection in the form of kraft paper on both surfaces. It is easy to lay concrete on top of the panel in order to improve the loading capacity of the cold storage facility, as well as make forklift maneuverability inside the storage area easy.

1. Polyurethane insulated sandwich panels (PU sandwich panels) are known for their high load intensity, small water absorption rate and stability in both low and high temperature areas. With a long service life, the thermal insulation performance is always outstanding.
2. Excellent support, heat resistant, excellent sound insulation and absorption, high quality, non-toxic, odorless and environmentally friendly.
3. Polyurethane insulated sandwich panels require cementation for the steel plates, so that in normal situations, the cement, fiberboards, bricks and other materials remain together and strengthen the thermal insulation and waterproof performances.
4. This unique foaming craft features a low thermal conductivity and excellent stability, making it suitable for both low and high pressure construction.
5. Polyurethane foam plastic thermal stability is outstanding, and when the temperature is lower than 120°C, the volume and intensity see no obvious changes. The thermal conductivity is very small when the density is 0.03kg/m3, and a heat conductivity of only 63J (m.h.k.) (15cal/m.h.k).
6. Light weight: Weighing only 10-14kg/m2,, making installation easy and flexible, with no need for large scale lifting devices, a short building period and low cost.
7. Cold and heat resistant performance: these panels feature an outstanding temperature deformation resistance ranging from -110 to 120°C.
8. Polyurethane insulated sandwich panels do not need to be produced at the customer's location. This keeps the installation area clean and neat, and does not affect other factory processes. It also shortens the installation cycle, as the panels can be installed in a range of 600 to 800 square meters each day.

These panels are widely used as structural and heat resistant materials in numerous industries, including petroleum, chemicals, construction, packing, refrigeration, military, space, aviation, transportation and industrial model design.

Technical Parameters
Available Thickness(MM) 50 75 100 120 150 200
Heat Transfer Quotients ( W/M x K ) 0.030 0.028 0.026 0.024 0.022 0.018
R-Value 16.33 24.50 32.66 39.19 48.99 65.32
Panel Available Length 500mm - 120 0 0mm
Panel Standard Width 960mm, 1000mm or 1160mm
Surface of Panels To be plating 0.4mm, 0.5mm or 0.6mm thickness pre-painted white hot galvanized steel sheet, aluminum stucco steel sheet or 304 stainless steel sheet.
Surface Finishing Standard: Lacquered hot-galvanized steel sheet with protection film; Color: Standard grey white 9002 (RAL); The color of coating: Gray, ivory white, silver gray, cream, sky blue / sea blue Lacquer: Polyester coating 25 um or PVDF coating 25 um
Protection Film 20 Micron thickness of polyvinyl chloride (PVC) film
Pressure ≥ 0.10Mpa
Cubic Area Change (-30 ℃ -100 ℃ /96 Hour ) ≤ 1 .0 %
PU Foam Density 40 - 45 KGS/M3
Fire Rating B2