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Cold Storage Solution

Changzhou Yuyan Refrigeration Technology Co., Ltd. and Changzhou Yuyan Refrigeration Equipment Co., Ltd. is a leading cold storage production plant as well as an overall energy efficient solution provider as one of China's largest energy efficient manufacturers of cold storage panels.

    1. Meat Cold StorageDue to high temperatures of meat, there is often enzyme decomposition, oxidation, microbial growth and reproduction deterioration occurring. Low temperature cold storage prevents all of that, by controlling enzyme break down, slowing the oxidation rate, and inhibiting microbial growth and reproduction, all so that meat can be stored, and consumed safely at a later date while still maintaining the original quality.
    1. Seafood Cold StorageCold seafood and aquatic products need to be kept at low temperatures, generally around -23°C in order to keep the food from spoiling. Because of that, seafood storage areas can be called seafood freezers or seafood cold storage areas. The low temperature helps keep the original quality and flavor of the seafood, significantly extending its preservation time, sometimes as much as 3 to 6 months, in order to be safe to consume at a later date without sacrificing taste.
    1. Vegetable Cold StorageVegetable cold storage is designed to inhibit the activity of harmful microorganisms and enzymes, in order to extend the vegetable's usage period. As a modern low temperature method to store vegetables, cold storage temperatures for vegetables are most often kept around 0-15°C.
    1. Fruit Cold StorageFruit cold storage is done to inhibit microbial activity, and extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Cold storage is a modern low temperature preservation method, with a temperature range of 0-15°C. Keeping fruit stored can reduce the risk of rotting, and slows down metabolic processes of fruit respiration, thus extending the freshness period.
    1. Pharmaceutical Cold StoragePharmaceutical cold storage temperature generally ranges from 2 to 8°C, and is primarily used to store medicines and medical equipment that can't be kept at room temperature. Keeping these materials cold prevents deterioration and extends the shelf life.
    1. Atmophere Control Cold StorageAtmospheric cold storage is artificially controlled gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene composition ratios for humidity and temperatures (frozen above a critical point) and the pressure by inhibiting respiration stored cells and slowing down their metabolic processes to a near dormant state.
    1. Blast Cold StorageTemperature for blast cold storage generally ranges from -15 to 35°C, and the storage unit features a wide array of applications, including storing wild mushrooms, buns, dumplings, meat and other low temperature processed foods.
    1. Removable Cold StorageRemovable cold storage is also known as modular cold storage, mobile cold storage, and assembled cold storage. It is a new cold storage type that corresponds with traditional civil cold storage. As this cold storage method utilizes unique advantages, it is widely used to store food, medicine and other items that need to be kept cold.

Yuyan's cold storage solutions use excellent insulation properties inside polyurethane insulation sandwich panels for an accurate temperature control. Widely used in agriculture, animal husbandry, bio-pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and food processes, these panels are extremely versatile.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with energy saving insulation systems for the design, construction, production and maintenance of each cold storage project.

Service & Technology

Cold Storage
The cold storage units are intended for cooling and storage of perishable products-either cold or frozen.
1. These units are built using polyurethane sandwich panels. They are easy to mount or disassemble and enlarge if necessary.
2. The panels are joined through fast action eccentric mechanisms.
3. The external and internal panel covers are made of zinc coated steel sheets with a plastic finish. The heat insulation is a rigid foam polyurethane.
4. The floor panels are reinforced and able to withstand a load of up to 2,000kq/square meter.
5. Each cold storage unit is equipped with electric lighting. Freon 22 and 404A are used as refrigerants.
6. The prefabricated cold rooms are intended for use for cooling and storage of perishable products that are either cold or frozen.
7. The cold storage area should be installed in an area away from direct sunshine, dust and rain.
8. Depending on the maintained cooling temperature, the cold storage unit can be:
     - for medium temperatures ranging from -20 to -5°C.
     - for low temperatures from -15 to -60°C
9. According to working conditions, the cold storage is available from 5 to 45°C ambient air temperature.