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Blast Cold Storage

Blast Cold Refrigeration / Blast Cold Freezer / Blast Storage

 Blast Cold Storage

Temperature for blast cold storage generally ranges from -15 to 35°C, and the storage unit features a wide array of applications, including storing wild mushrooms, buns, dumplings, meat and other low temperature processed foods.

1. Low temperature refrigeration equipment, including compressors, are imported as low temperature two stage units. When compared to single stage compressors, the compression ratio is smaller, and features a larger cooling capacity and lower energy consumption.
2. Quick freeze effect: The evaporator uses the latest in aluminum rack row processes, and can quick freeze goods to temperatures as low as -50°C. The faster the freezing temperature of the food, the better the food will taste later.
3. Longer service life: The refrigeration unit is a compressor scroll type. When compared to piston compressors, there are less moving parts, and the low temperature liquid shock is more effective.
4. Better sealing effect: the quick freezing cabinet insulation uses a special, custom high density polyurethane board, with a density of 50kg/cubic meter and high density polyester automatic return doors.
5. The blast cold storage unit uses an advanced microcomputer control system and advance control methods, including an LCD screen to display the temperature, boot time, box time, fan delay time, alarm indications, and technical parameters. The control system is also easy to operate.
6. The main components are all imported from internationally known brands, ensuring the precise configurations, smooth operation, great insulation performance, low energy consumption and outstanding quality of the blast cold storage unit.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with the energy saving insulation systems throughout the entire cold storage product, from design, to construction, production and maintenance of each project.

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