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Atmophere Control Cold Storage

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 Atmophere Control Cold Storage

Atmospheric cold storage is artificially controlled gasses such as nitrogen, oxygen, carbon dioxide and ethylene composition ratios for humidity and temperatures (frozen above a critical point) and the pressure by inhibiting respiration stored cells and slowing down their metabolic processes to a near dormant state. In this way, the gasses and subsequent products can be maintained in terms of texture, color, taste and nutrition, thus achieving long term preservation. Even after long term storage, these products remain fresh. Once exposed to an open atmosphere packaging environment, cellular activities will return to their natural metabolic states and will not rapidly deteriorate.

1. Wide range: This cold storage facility is ideal for a wide range of artificial atmospheric refrigeration needs.
2. This cold storage unit is ideal for long term, economically efficient storage, with a service life of up to 30 years.
3. This unit is easy to maintain. The refrigeration equipment, microcomputer temperature control, automatic start/stop functions, no need for specialized care and high quality supporting technology make this storage unit economical and practical.
4. Ca cold storage has a wide application range, including fruits and vegetables. Not only can it regulate temperature within, as well as the humidity and oxygen levels, but carbon dioxide and other gasses can also be controlled to leave the unit's contents in a dormant state while still retaining the original quality.
5. Under the same conditions for temperature and quality preservation, Ca cold storage units last 3 to 5 times longer than other cold storage units.
6. As the atmosphere in the operating temperature is 0 to 5 degrees higher than normal cold storage (18-33 degrees), while still preserving the contents, the atmosphere power consumption is less than other cold storage units.
7. The inert gas atmosphere isolation air inhibits cell respiration, which not only extends the preservation period, but extends the shelf life of the storage contents after they have been removed from the cold storage unit.
8. Carbon dioxide in the atmosphere not only effectively inhibits the formation and ripening effects of C2H4 and other components, but it also has bactericidal, antibacterial and pesticide toxicity prevention performances.
9. As the storage unit uses a humidification system, not only is the food kept moist, but the color and texture is also left unchanged, which reduces loss and retains the original food quality.
10. Air conditioning is provided through a PLC automatic control, and the unit is secure, reliable and efficient.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with the energy saving insulation systems throughout the entire cold storage product, from design, to construction, production and maintenance of each project.

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