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Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

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 Pharmaceutical Cold Storage

Pharmaceutical cold storage temperature generally ranges from 2 to 8°C, and is primarily used to store medicines and medical equipment that can't be kept at room temperature. Keeping these materials cold prevents deterioration and extends the shelf life.

1. Our pharmaceutical cold storage facilities feature a fast refrigeration, save energy and have numerous other advantages. They use the most advanced low noise, imported Copeland refrigeration units in order to improve the cooling efficiency and reduce energy consumption.
2. The refrigeration control system uses an electric automatic microcomputer control technology and intelligent temperature control. The interior temperature can be freely set between 2 and 8°C. It also features an automatic temperature thermostat, making it ideal for cafes, schools and other locations that need to monitor and record a storage area's temperature and humidity. Requiring no manual operation, it ensures a safe storage of medicines and medical equipment.
3. The cold storage unit uses colored polyurethane steel boards with a high pressure foaming process infusion molding. The double sided color steel insulation board also uses advanced eccentric hooks and hook groove connections between panels to achieve a tighter seal that minimizes the leakage of cool air and increases the insulation. The scientific design, T plate, wall panels and gussets all combine for an easy assembly, and give the cold storage space its simple and practical design, energy saving performance, and environmental friendliness.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with the energy saving insulation systems throughout the entire cold storage product, from design, to construction, production and maintenance of each project.

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