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Fruit Cold Storage

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 Fruit Cold Storage

Fruit cold storage is done to inhibit microbial activity, and extend the freshness of fruits and vegetables. Cold storage is a modern low temperature preservation method, with a temperature range of 0-15°C. Keeping fruit stored can reduce the risk of rotting, and slows down metabolic processes of fruit respiration, thus extending the freshness period. Modern refrigeration machinery allows preservation techniques to be used after a quick freezing process, thus improving the quality and freshness of fruit and vegetables.

1. Wide application range: fruits from all over the world, vegetables, flowers, plant nursery stock
2. Storage: long term, economically efficient: freshness and quality is kept at the same levels for 7 months for fresh grapes, 6 months for apples, and 7 months for garlic with a loss of less than 5%. By investing once in a cold storage unit, users will have outstanding cold storage facilities for a service life of up to 30 years and significant economic benefits.
3. The operating technique is easy, as is maintenance. The refrigeration equipment features microcomputer control, automatic start/stop functions, and requires no special care. The supporting technology is also both economical and practical.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with the energy saving insulation systems throughout the entire cold storage product, from design, to construction, production and maintenance of each project.

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