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Vegetable Cold Storage

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 Vegetable Cold Storage

Vegetable cold storage is designed to inhibit the activity of harmful microorganisms and enzymes, in order to extend the vegetable's usage period. As a modern low temperature method to store vegetables, cold storage temperatures for vegetables are most often kept around 0-15°C. This slows down the risk of rotting, as well as slow the respiration metabolic processes in order to prevent vegetable decay. Cold storage management should be done based on various vegetable characteristics, thus ensuring the production and extending of the service life for the storage facility, as well as reducing production and maintenance costs, and improving the economic efficiency of the freezer.

1. The storage features a high economic efficiency, and keeps quality extremely fresh with a loss of less than 5%. A single investment to build the cold storage facility offers a service life of up to 30 years with significant economic benefits.
2. The cold storage floors, walls and ceilings are thick enough to provide a moisture and gas barrier in order to insulate the interior and prevent heat entering from outside the storage facility.
3. This refrigeration equipment features microcomputer temperature control, automatic start/stop, requires no special maintenance and its supporting technology is both economical and practical.

We provide a full range of services to our customers with the energy saving insulation systems throughout the entire cold storage product, from design, to construction, production and maintenance of each project.

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